Born in 1981. in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, department of photography, graphic studio, in 2006, under mentorship of professor Branimir Karanović and professor Jugoslav Vlahović (book design). In the same year, he became a curator photographer at the National museum of Zrenjanin. In the 2016. He got title senior curator with the work “Mills from the Middle Banat since the beginning of XIX century until 1941”. Photographic collections in the same museum are under his care, and he makes complete visual graphics solutions and photography for exhibitions, as well as the presentations for all museum sections. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS), the Society of conservators of Serbia, Serbian Museum Association and International Council of Museums (ICOM).


  • 2007. Zrenjanin, Cultural Center Zrenjanin
  • 2008. Novi Sad, Pavle Bjeljanski Memorial Collection
  • 2008. Belgrade, Cultural Center Gallery Studentski Grad
  • 2010. Zrenjanin, The National museum Zrenjanin
  • 2013. Sečanj, Educational and Cultural Center Sečanj
  • 2014. Požarevac, Contemporary Gallery
  • 2014. Subotica, The City Hall


  • 2000. Zrenjanin, Galerija mladih
  • 2002. Zrenjanin, Savremena galerija
  • 2002. Zrenjanin, Narodni muzej Zrenjanin
  • 2003. Belgrade, SKC
  • 2004. Belgrade, Francuski kulturni centar
  • 2004. Belgrade, Cultural Center Belgrade
  • 2004. Belgrade, Muzej 25. maj
  • 2004. Zrenjanin, Pinova vila
  • 2005. Belgrade, Biblioteka grada Beograda
  • 2005. Novi Sad, 11. međunarodno trijanale, Sterijino pozorje
  • 2005. Zrenjanin, Pinova vila
  • 2006. Belgrade, Galerija SUPERSPACE, Beton hala
  • 2006. Belgrade, Muzej primenjene umetnosti
  • 2006. Zrenjanin, Narodni muzej Zrenjanin
  • 2006. Zrenjanin, Restoran Bečkerek; Narodni muzej Zrenjanin
  • 2006. Zrenjanin, Cultural Center
  • 2007. Belgrade, The purchase of works of art in the field of visual arts of the city of Belgrade, galerija MAGACIN
  • 2007. Zrenjanin, Savremena galerija
  • 2009. Belgrade, Ruski dom
  • 2014. Zrenjanin, Savremena galerija
  • 2015. Bjeljina, Muzej Semberije
  • 2015. Belgrade, Umetniči paviljon Cvijeta Zuzoric
  • 2015. Zrenjanin, Savremena galerija
  • 2015. Trebinje, Muzej Hercegovine Trebinje


  • 2005. – Certificate of international jury for theater in photographic art – “11th Triennal Exhibition of Sterijno Pozorje “
  • 2006. – First prize for collection of photographs “Zrenjanin in the eye of camera”
  • 2007. – “The purchase of works of art in the field of visual arts in 2006 of the city of Belgrade” (the selection of the board on the basis of group exhibition in Belgrade at gallery “MAGACIN”)